Ground handling refers to all the airside activities at airports from the facilitation to the conclusion of an aircraft. Admitting an aircraft upon arrival and bracing it to depart again is a major undertaking, which demands the accomplishment of numerous overlapping processes estimated to fit seamlessly within the schedules of our airline customers. Inspire Training Academy sets the highest standard in delivering the training for this complex service with clockwork precision, whilst simultaneously tending to a range of technical needs: in short, delivering excellence from touchdown to takeoff.

We own highly defined professional experts to train the delegates, focusing on the best practices within the complex operational environment in modern airports, formulating you to increase on-time performance in your ground station.


  • Aviation Security Awareness 
  • Airside Safety 
  • Dangerous Goods Awareness 
  • Human Factors Awareness 
  • Aircraft Marshalling & Headset Training 
  • Turnaround Coordinator Training 
  • Emergency Respond Management 
  • Safety Management System for Ground Operations 
  • Aircraft Cabin Cleaning 
  • Aircraft Loading 
  • Ground Support Equipment Training 
  • iConnect Training 
  • Soft Skills Training 
  • Airport Security Operation Optimization 
  • Aviation Security Awareness