Frequently Asked Questions

Ours is a revolutionary brand, whose agility and dynamism transcends the frontiers of training and consultancy. We are an evolutionary brand with a penchant for inspiring others, while powered by our vast collection knowledge. We bring a new dimension and enhanced dynamism in the impartation and gaining of knowledge. Our standards are topnotch, and we offer nothing but the best services.

We have a leading and dynamic way of imparting knowledge, which is supported by our modern training methods and tools, and the imparters of knowledge are well trained and are experts in their respective fields. Our methods are very responsive, and highly interactive, as we seek to always create an interesting training atmosphere that will enhance the learning processes of the people involved.

We believe you should hire us because we offer various solutions that span across different industries and sectors, and also because these solutions have been proven to be effective and efficient.

Our role does not end at the end of a contract, as we are always on hand to attend to your inquiries, and provide adequate advice and support on any training problem you may encounter after the completion of the contract. It is a part of our sales policy, hence, we are always ready to contribute our quota to your organization’s success

We are inspired to share knowledge. Other reasons include experience, professionalism, passion, innovation, uniqueness, excellence, effectiveness, efficiency, strict adherence to policies, transparency, honesty, engagement, and commitment. The list goes on and on, the most important thing is that we have values, and every training is an opportunity to uphold these values and ensure our standards are never compromised.

  • We have designed our training courses such that they are enough to permeate various industries in different sectors. Some of the industries include:
  • Oil and Gas
  • Tourism, Leisure, and Hospitality
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Shipping and Maritime
  • Retail and Consumer
  • Aviation
  • Banking and Finance
  • Other

The moment you have made a decision about the course/courses you intend to take from the list of available courses that have been made available, please let us know, and we will revert to you with added information.

The training catalogue was created to contain the important topics, and regularly, the list gets updated. However, if there are specific topics you would like to take, do let us know, and we will communicate the details back to you.

This is quite easy, it is as simple as picking the courses from the list, and deciding the appropriate ones for the employees, let us know, and we will communicate with you to discuss the venue, dates, and other necessary information needed to facilitate the training.

We are very particular about our pricing system, this is why we have made it flexible, sensitive and affordable.

We value our clients, and hope to build a long lasting relationship with you, hence, if you need more information, always feel free to reach us via a phone call or email, and we will be more than happy to interact with you.