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When done right, retail store management can be uniquely rewarding. As retail executives of a retail team, you have the opportunity to positively impact the lives of both your customers and your colleagues. We will share strategies and tips that can help
you develop a top-notch retail team and
create a consistent experience for your customers. The course covers the most important components of success in
retail including customer journey and
sales. Participants will discover how to add value and provide exceptional customer service through each phase of this journey. Participants will learn techniques to deal with disruptive customers and show empathy with active listening.


  • Identify barriers to communication and how to overcome them and ways that communication happen
  • Develop and articulate organization-wide communication strategies
  • Identify problems and understand the creative problem solving process
  • Identify types of information to gather and key questions to ask in problem solving
  • Demonstrate how to measure customer satisfaction and take corrective action if needed
  • Identify customer needs to exceed expectations
  • Discover the meaning of body language and identify positive and negative behavior
  • Identify behavior indicators to display a professional image
  • Create first impressions to attract walk in customers to the store
  • Educate the customers about the products, services, and benefits
  • Apply techniques of upselling and cross selling
  • Handle challenging customers and overcome objections
  • List out the benefits and features of the Brand (customized)

Retail and department store Customer Service Executives
Retail industry professionals who are looking to grow in their field Anyone aspiring to start their career in the Retail industry.

Minimum qualification is high school completion certificate Proficiency in English Language to understand, read and write

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